Melissa Schelling is a life long photographer who worked 10 years as a full time professional in Washington, DC. In 1987, she pioneered a new style of wedding photography as an alternative to the tradition of staged wedding photos, marketing it as “Photojournalism without the grit.” By 1990, Melissa was a Washingtonian Magazine Top 10 Wedding Photographer, and her photo of a swirling bride was the lead photo for their annual wedding article.

She studied photography in the total immersion program at the Maine Photographic Workshops for a year and a half. After living and breathing photography non-stop she opened her own studio in DC. She began her career photographing for galleries and artists, before switching to weddings.

She got her first camera at age 6. It was a gift from her grandmother to celebrate her first art show: 2 crayon drawings selected for the Royal Ontario Museum’s Childrens’ Exhibition 1964. She made her first dog photo of her new puppy under the Christmas tree when she was 7.

Melissa has used many cameras and film sizes: 110, 126, 2 1/4, 4x5, pinhole camera, underwater, rangefinder, SLR, push button digital, DSLR. She has lugged around Metz flash power packs, Speedotron studio strobes, and Lowell Tota-lights. Her favorite combination is 35mm Leica R6 all manual camera with the 90mm lens. Today she uses Canon 1DX, Sony RX100V, GoPro, iPhone and occasionally borrows a Hasselblad X1D.